Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training

Mission: Gastronauten Institute Entrepreneurship and Innovation center’s mission is to provide intellectual virtual platform opportunities where African Entrepreneurs and aspiring or budding entrepreneurs can effectively collaborate with renowned entrepreneurs, investors and others from diverse innovation ecosystem.

Program Description

Gastronauten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop provides learners with action-learning experience online. During our workshop, learners are exposed to principles that are central to entrepreneurship and innovation through our team of professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. Our workshop is organized periodically and it is always knowledge packed.

Our objectives:

  1. To promote baorderless collaboration among entrepreneurs in Ghana and Germany.
  2. To encourage entrepreneurial activities among learners
  3. To provide required training and promote social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through workshops

At Gastronauten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we transform your aspiration to reality.



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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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